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A & J Johnson Constructions Pty Ltd is a proud local and family owned building and construction business based on Phillip Island.   New Homes, Renovations, Extensions, Decks, Pergolas, Bathroom Renovations, Kitchen Renovations, Permits & Plans - We have had over 20 years building and renovating various styles of homes. 
We work with some of the best Architects, Draftsmen and designers in Australia and have the most fantastic crew of local trades experts. We can help you create one of the most beautiful homes all designed to fit your budget. Builder Phillip Island Cowes Australia

From Kanye to Milan - Design and Colour trends

Trends I see emerging from everyone from Kanye to Moooi is a reference which pays homage to both the glitzy, moody luxurious Art Deco days to Nature and us wanting to preserve a version of it in our homes. 

The Colour Board for the new era of interiors is soft, muted, washed out versions of mother nature. From Leaves, Red Earth Rock and Coastlines and forest floors. The recent Salone International del Mobile Milano highlighted a rich warm hug of velvets and dark moody timbers. Kitchen and Cabinets have textures and colours of timber and concrete. Benchtops are biscuit thin wafers of texture. The themes of apothecary and biology and nature abound. 

The decor style is strong, elegant and intense. With the fabulous 'Moooi' lights showing what origami folds and seemingly paper thin designs can do. The celestial light designs are beautiful.  The Koket Drapesse Chairs of velvet and Brass Organic Mirror designs and Forest inspired Wallpapers by Essential Home 'Palm and twist' bring a deep jungle into the home.

Balconies, Decks & Balustrades - What to do to ensure it is safe.

In light of the recent tragedy which occurred in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we urge owners of homes and holiday houses to double check the condition of their Balconies, Decks, and Balustrades. We have seen many holiday homes here on Phillip Island which are defective and have rotten timber supports and illegal balustrades.  If your home or the home you rent out is over 10 Years old you should review its condition yearly.  If you think that your deck, Balcony or balustrade may be dangerous please contact us or your local building surveyor and have an inspection carried out. 

Home and property owners should regularly check and maintain their balcony, deck and balustrades. If not properly built and maintained they have the potential to be a safety and danger issue.

Before you start 

Where a building owner wants to replace or build a new balcony or deck, they must ensure the balcony is designed and constructed legally. That usually means applying for a building permit. It will also include having the balcony appropriately designed and documented. A Structural Engineer can ensure the design of the balcony or deck meets building codes and requirements. They will check that if the balcony or deck is fixed to a building, the building can support the structural loads. Part of the design will include allowances for the maximum number of people likely to use the balcony and the installation of features like large pot plants or furniture. 

Applying for a building permit 

Once you have the design, you will have to apply for a building permit. If the work is valued at over $5000, you must have a registered builder do the work. A building permit is obtained from a building surveyor, who will check that the design complies with Victorian building regulations.

If you do building work without a valid building permit, there is a penalty of up to $10,000. Further information on the building permit process can be found from your local council. What if I’m an owner-builder? As an owner-builder, you must still obtain a building permit for the work. 

What can affect balconies, decks and balustrades? 

There are many things building owners should be aware of that can affect the structural adequacy of a balcony, deck or balustrading. These may include: Termites – Timbers can be affected by insect attack. In areas of termite risk, the appropriate timber and treatment are needed, regardless of whether the council has declared the area likely to be subject to termite attack. Wet rot – Timber is affected by water. Wet rot occurs when a timber member is in constant contact with the ground or another timber member in the presence of moisture. 

Seaside and corrosive effects – Corrosive environments can affect unprotected steel structures, reinforcing steel and fixings,such as bolts and fixing plates, particularly in areas near coastlines. Loadings – Groups of people, large pots, water features and the like, provide additional loads for a balcony to support. The balcony may not have been designed to support extra weight and if overloaded, can cause the balcony to collapse. 

What should owners do? 

As a safety measure, all home owners and commercial property owners with balconies, decks and balustrades should ensure that: 

It is inspected on a regular basis for any warning signs of potential collapse. A maintenance program is introduced to extend its design life, and Where there is a doubt or a problem, an inspection by a Structural Engineer or other suitably qualified building practitioner are arranged.

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Renovations - Big & Small - Kitchens, Bathrooms & More

Recently we have been very busy with clients wanting to transform their homes and beach shacks into more contemporary, clean and practical spaces. Many have had the original timber panelling, Asbestos Cladding, Old drafty windows and dark interiors.  We have loved the transformations from Dark to light. Closed to open living. Cold to warm. 

We build all our own kitchens & bathroom cabinets in house.  We have access to the latest Laminex, Caesarstone, Real stone, Blum & Hafele fittings -  Soft close, push to open automatic cupboards, Servo mechanisms that make opening drawers and over head cupboards a breeze. Whether its 2 pack spray painted cupboards, beautiful organic warm wood tones, contemporary ply or a combination of these and many others. Doing things in house makes it easier to accomodate your designs and speeds up timelines.  

Because we are fully licensed and registered builders we can take out windows, replace beams, waterproof and tile, knock down walls and make sure the cabinets and interiors and exteriors all look beautiful but most of all comply with building code & come with proper permits and all work is insured. The advantage is that we see it through from design to finished product & we are able to be flexible with your needs.  If you want that cupboard or drawer layout slightly different then we can accomodate your wishes. Contact us to see whats possible. 

Changes to Building Laws - Consumer Alert - September 2016

As a fully registered and Insured Building Practitioner, Ashley stays up to date with the latest building regulations and rules on building a new home or renovating existing ones. The Industry is in the process of being overhauled and we applaud the State Government for getting tougher on those unqualified tradespeople building illegally and undercutting those who work hard to stay registered, insured and qualified to carry out building works.  Those signing up consumers as "owner builders" will from September face serious fines for carrying out work without registration and without proper notification to the VBA.

From 1 September 2016, builders entering into a major domestic building contract will be required to provide owners with a Domestic Building Consumer Guide approved by Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) before the contract is signed. 

The Consumer Guide provides information to owners of their rights and responsibilities, the role of the builder and the requirement that the owner appoint the building surveyor. 

The CAV check list that must be included in all major domestic building contracts has also been updated to ensure that the appointment of the building surveyor is done so by the owner. You should not enter in to a contract without the owner first appointing the building surveyor. 

Builders must give owners a copy of the Consumer Guide and the owner should complete the check list prior to entering into a major domestic building contract. 

HIA is currently in the process of amending its standard contracts to include the Consumer Guide and updated check list. 

For further information about the Consumer Guide and the checklist, and to obtain copies of these documents, please visit the CAV website at: 


Other changes from 1 September 2016

A number of other changes from the Bill will commence from 1 September 2016. These include: 

 The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) being responsible for the registration of builders, replacing the Building Practitioners Board. 

 Builders will need to renew their builders’ registration every 5 years. 

 A new show cause process for disciplining builders will be implemented which gives the VBA the power to immediately suspend builders for serious misconduct. 


From 4 July 2016 the VBA's inspection powers will be extended to include owner-built sites. The powers include:

  • entering land and/or dwellings under certain circumstances to examine work for compliance
  • requiring a person (including an owner-builder) to produce certain documents on request
  • making copies of documents
  • requiring a person (including an owner-builder) to provide certain information on request.

The new domestic building dispute conciliation process is not expected to commence until early 2017. This reform will include powers for dispute resolution orders to be given by a government official to resolve the dispute. 

For further information please contact your Workplace Adviser

on 1300 650 620

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