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A & J Johnson Constructions Pty Ltd is a proud local and family owned building and construction business based on Phillip Island.   New Homes, Renovations, Extensions, Decks, Pergolas, Bathroom Renovations, Kitchen Renovations, Permits & Plans - We have had over 20 years building and renovating various styles of homes. 
We work with some of the best Architects, Draftsmen and designers in Australia and have the most fantastic crew of local trades experts. We can help you create one of the most beautiful homes all designed to fit your budget. Builder Phillip Island Cowes Australia

I'm just doing a small renovation do I need a Registered builder like you to do the job or can I go Owner/Builder?

Building and renovating is not as easy as it looks on TV. We have over 25 Years experience in building and renovating and take part in Industry Training and Professional Updates regularly and know and understand the  Building Code of Australia.  This is important. The difference is that we can tell when a plumber, electrician and other trades have done not only a good job but one that complies with the law. If you intend selling your property you need the proper certification to pass onto prospective purchasers, this along with builders warranty insurance is something we can supply..

With owner-building continuing to be a popular option among homeowners, it’s essential that tradespeople and practitioners and the public are aware of their obligations when it comes to carrying out work as owner-builders. As of September 2016 new rules apply to Owner Builders; to read more visit https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/housing-and-accommodation/building-and-renovating/owner-builders
Whether you are carrying out building work for an owner-builder or a homeowner, the requirements are the same – all domestic building work costing a total of more than $5000 (including labour and building materials) must be carried out by a registered building practitioner and a major domestic building contract must be in place with the owner.
Unregistered tradespeople cannot carry out building work for owner-builders or other homeowners if the total cost of the work is more than $5000.
When an owner-builder employs a registered building practitioner to complete work costing more than $16,000, the practitioner will need to take out domestic building insurance cover, just as they would with any other client. This will cover the owner in case the builder dies, disappears, becomes insolvent, or fails to comply with a VCAT or Court Order issued on or after 1 July 2015.
Anyone who carries out building work when they are unregistered, does not provide a compliant major domestic building contract or does not have the required insurance, may face prosecution or disciplinary action for offences under the Building Act 1993.
For further information on owner-builder requirements visit the VBA website.

Do you have display homes?

We build custom homes for clients and Architects.  Each Home and Renovation is designed as a one off.  We take great pride in designing homes to not only suit you budget but also you block of land. Lets face it, the last thing you want is to spend all the time and effort in working to build your dream, only to discover there are 6 exact replicas of your house in the same area.  Not only that but a display home purchased off the shelf so to speak may not suit the lay of your land. We only build homes to suit our clients needs. 

How do I choose or come up with a design?

There are two paths you can go down.  The first is to find an Architect.  You can find one here through Australian Institute of Architects .Check their work out and speak to them about how much it would cost to draw concept plans and then working drawings.  An Architect will manage the build on your behalf.  Architects have individual creative styles.  A good rule of thumb is to meet them, view their work, find out if you click so to speak... We have worked with some very talented Melbourne Architects and would be happy to pass on their details to you as well. 


Do what we do...we visit display villages all the time.  We love looking at design layouts and making a note of what works and what doesn't.  We save collections of photos and scrap book ideas.  We help collate lists of likes and dislikes.You'll be vey surprised how quickly a basic floor plan can come together.  With our experience building over many years and many different styles we can then guide you through the process of having working drawings prepared and finishes and colours all layed out for you.

We visit local and international Industry and Architectural Design fairs.  We keep ourselves across  the lastest trends and future directions.  We can source just about anything to make your home your dream home.

The local "franchise builder" said their price is set and that yours isn't is that true?

Not true.  Once we have a plan that you are happy to proceed with we can give you a set price too.  The big difference is that because we design with you with the budget in mind from the beginning we can alter the design or finishes to fit your budget.  If you want to spend more in a particular area we can budget accordingly. 

I'm no good with Choosing Finishes and colours can you help?

Yes.  We provide at no extra cost a consultancy on Interior finishes and Colour palettes.  We provide advice on colour for Exterior and Interior.  We can sources anything, we have amazing industry contacts. If design is your thing we know the best local designers in the business. We have shipped in Cladding from Germany, hand stained timber finishes and found amazing designer wallpaper.

I saw something on Grand Designs...

We hear that often! We are happy to borrow ideas and trends you might have seen on Television but you need to keep in mind we have certain obligations and rules about what we can and can't do in Australia.  Our job is to know the rules and regulations to ensure that not only does the home stand the test of time but that everything works as it should.

Do you build anywhere other than Phillip Island?  Yes occasionally we build for clients in the Eastern and bayside areas of Melbourne.  We will travel for the clients and Architects.

Want to know more about the building process and have questions about how the process works and what you need to know?

We attend regular professional Development Information sessions and attend Industry Only trade fairs.  The products we use all comply with Australian Standards and we do not import or use cheap materials.  We only use the best. We regularly upgrade our knowledge so we understand the current Building Code of Australia.  We are Fully Registered and Insured. 


Visit Victorian Consumer Affairs and download the brochure here

If you have any other questions drop us an email, we are happy to help!


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